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ACATIS Service GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (Germany). The company (meaning ACATIS Service GmbH) is responsible for the distribution of the Swiss licensed financial products of ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH for institutional and private investors in Switzerland.


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Value Investing

ACATIS is a specialised value manager in asset management.

An investment style that is based on the “genuine“ value of companies and markets, we believe, will out-perform a passive or trend-oriented investment policy in the long term. Whilst wider price fluctuations may occur with this style, value investing is successful in the long term, due to the fact it is geared towards the value and not the price of companies.

Over the long-term, value investing has indeed out-performed other approaches. The most successful investor of our time (billionaire Warren Buffett from Omaha, Nebraska) has always been a value investor. Take for example Acatis’ flagship global equity fund (Acatis Aktien Global), which has returned 550% since inception (vs. 340% MSCI World).

Value investing is the embodiment of what ACATIS has been practising successfully since 1994 – and for which it has been rewarded with good consistent performance and numerous awards.

Value investing in practice

On a monthly ongoing basis, we screen global equity markets and come away with a few stocks that meet our criteria of favourable valuations and high quality.

Our computers have estimated a fair value price and calculated performance indicators for more than 50,000 global stocks that are in our universe. Among these stocks we find one to three each month that satisfy our value criteria. We buy companies with the intention of holding them for several years - only selling them once they exceed their fair value price. We are not influenced by short-term news flow.

This ideology has produced positive returns in the equity funds managed by ACATIS, which funds returning anywhere between 8-10% on an annualised basis.


ACATIS currently manages several investment funds, including equity, mixed and bond funds as well as mandates. In addition, four funds pursue the aspect of sustainability. Three funds are managed on the basis of artificial intelligence. The flagship fund ACATIS Aktien Global Fonds was launched in 1997.


Artificial intelligence in portfolio management at ACATIS

Many people associate artificial intelligence (AI) with robots and self-driving cars. At the same time, the availability of huge volumes of mass data and the rapid increase in processing power also mean that AI is predestined for use in portfolio management. Through machine learning, key characteristics are detected over time, allowing the system to find patterns that even the most seasoned analyst would struggle to detect.

Application areas for AI in the investment segment include:

  • enterprise valuations
  • predictions of future “winner stocks”
  • portfolio optimisation
  • detection of critical text passages
  • identification of similar firms

Dr. Hendrik Leber shares developments regarding the four fund members
of the ACATIS AI-family at the 4th NextGen AI Aware Event


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