ACATIS Value Prize 2005

The prizewinners in the dissertation/essay category

  1. Place: Dr. André Schenek, "Short- and long-term excess returns when shares are issued"
    Studied economics at the University of Freiburg. Financial market analyst at the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt.
    Download summary (Text in German)
  2. Place: Dr. Jana Henze, "What do financial analysts do?" Appeared in the publication series: Financing, Capital Market and Banks. Eul-Verlag, publisher. Klaus Röder, Regensburg, Hermann Locarek-Junge, Dresden, and Mark Wahrenburg, Frankfurt. Volume 38. Order at:
    Studied business management at the Universities of Göttingen and Münster. Works in group controlling of Fielmann AG, Hamburg.
    Jury member Dr. Röder abstained, because he was an advisor for the dissertation
  3. Place: Christian Klein, "The Effect of Weather on the German Stock Index" The work appeared in: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (2005), Volume 75, pp. 1-18.
    Studied business management at the University of Augsburg. Academic employee at the University of Augsburg
  4. Place: Dr. Julia Wenzel, "Value-Oriented Reporting from a Theoretical and Empirical Perspective " Studied business management at the University of Munich. Auditing assistant at Dr. Röver & Partner KG, Berlin.

The prizewinners in the thesis category

  1. Place: Norbert Keimling, "The Prospects of Success of Simple Value Strategies" Studied computer science in economics at TU Ilmenau. Analyst at Huber Portfolio AG Frankfurt.

This year's jury:       

  • Professor Dr. Klaus Röder, University Regensburg
  • Dr. Dirk Schellenberger, CEO Deutsche Balaton AG, Heidelberg
  •  Professor Dr. Detlev Stock, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin