ACATIS actively fosters the value investing approach in Germany.

  • Every year ACATIS honours academic research on the subject of value investing with the ACATIS Value Prize. The Prize is valued at EUR 7,000.
  • We also organise a Value Conference and a value seminar for professional investors each year.

What we learn from research and theory and from our value events flows into our portfolio management.

ACATIS Value Prize

In 2019 we awarded the ACATIS Value Prize for the 17th time.
We are looking forward to receiving submissions for the ACATIS Value Prize 2020 as of spring 2020.

The work to be submitted should deal with the success of investment strategies based on fundamental valuation criteria (value-oriented strategies). These criteria include the following:

  • Quantitative data such as profit and earnings ratios, growth and stability ratios, dividends, valuation ratios, and financial standing.
  • Qualitative data such as management quality, corporate governance structures, institutional investors, capital measures (capital increases, stock buyback programs, insider purchases, squeeze-outs, hostile/friendly takeovers).
  • Combinations of technical and fundamental ratios.

The study should stand out for its clear formulation, transparent structure, and practical relevance. The work submitted should preferably be empirical.


Eligible to enter for the ACATIS Value Prize are academic studies that have been reviewed and graded (this applies to degree theses as well as dissertations) or published or accepted for publication (articles in trade journals and papers). Further information can be found in the Terms of Participation.

Prize money