„Why I like selling ACATIS Aktien Deutschland ELM“

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by Eva Zaragoza, Institutional Sales, Iberian Peninsula, Italy and UK

To those willing to get exposure to the real german market, be aware guys! The german market is far much wider than the DAX and this is why I like our fund ACATIS Aktien Deutschland ELM, it is one of those few funds offering real exposure to Germany.

The Portfolio Management Team follows an anti-cyclical selection strategy with active stock picking and without benchmarking, this approach allows the Team to gain exposure to 600/700 german domestic companies and choose from small/mid/large cap companies. Small and mid cap companies together with some micro caps surely represent more than 50% of the portfolio at all times.

ACATIS Aktien Deutschland ELM has always been very well ranked since inception in 2003, as a way of example, looking at “5 and 10 years Sharpe Ratio” rankings, one can find the fund among the top 10.

Further information about the fund can be found here.

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